Launch and Grow Your Business as a Physician Entrepreneur



It's one thing to want to start a business. 

It’s another thing to know HOW to actually start AND grow it. 

The truth is, physicians have the potential to be the best entrepreneurs.

We are fast learners, hard workers and our heart’s desire is to help others. 

The problem is we’ve never been taught ANYTHING about business...until now.


EntreMD On-Demand is the answer. 


What’s keeping you from starting or scaling your business?

If you’re like most doctors, the world of entrepreneurship seems foreign, at best.


So many doctors tell me…

  • They don’t know where to start.
  • They HATE marketing.
  • They are afraid of putting themselves out there.
  • Selling seems so sleazy.
  • They don’t have the time to start or grow a business.


If this is YOU, I am here to help!


I started out just like you...

I started out just like you more than 10 years ago when, fresh out of residency. I was thrust into owning my own private practice. I was nervous and I didn’t know anything about entrepreneurship.


Fast forward to today…


I’m the CEO of a thriving practice, founder of EntreMD and invest heavily in real estate. 

My #1 passion is to help physicians embrace entrepreneurship so they have the financial freedom to live life and practice medicine on their own terms. 

I have put together a proven FRAMEWORK so you can stop guessing and simply follow the process I’ve spent years refining.


EntreMD On-Demand gives you easy-to-digest nuggets of business brilliance and practical, ACTIONABLE tips that bring results, fast.


Is EntreMD On-Demand is for you?

EntreMD On-Demand is for anyone serious about learning the skills and industry tips to start and grow their business as a physician entrepreneur.  


EntreMD on Demand is a good fit for you if:

  • You want to learn keys to help you take the first steps to starting your business.
  • You want to learn skills that can grow your business
  • You want self-directed learning at your own pace on your own time.
  • You want to learn the core tips that have enabled my clients and me to thrive, even in a pandemic.

 What’s Included in EntreMD On-Demand?

When you sign up for EntreMD On-Demand, you’ll receive immediate access to all eight modules of the go-at-your-own-pace course.



(1) Foundation

  1. The Successful CEO Masterclass
  2. The Profitable Business Masterclass


(2) Mindset Mastery

  1. 10 Causes of Overwhelm and the Antidotes
  2. The Magical Thinking Masterclass
  3. How to Build Unstoppable Confidence with Dr. Anyaoku
  4. How to Dominate your Market


(3) Time Mastery

  1. Finish the Quarter Strong Workshop
  2. Month in Review Workshop
  3. Productivity Secrets With Toni Bache


(4) Marketing and Sales

  1. 10 Reasons Why You Should Host Masterclasses Regularly
  2. Best Kept Secret to Household Name
  3. Your Irresistible Offer Workshop with Robert Schultz
  4. Profitable Podcast Masterclass
  5. How to Pitch the Media with Dr. Barbara Joy Jones Park
  6. Sales Mastery—Know Your Value


(5) Revenue Mastery

  1. The Revenue Generation Framework
  2. How To Make Your First or Next $100K, $500k, or $1M in Business


(6) Systems—Hiring & Automation

  1. Five Ways To Build A Team With Little Or No Money Down
  2. Leveraging A Virtual Assistant with Kyler Dessau (BELAY)
  3. How to Build Your Dream Team


(7) Life Mastery

  1.  The One-Year Dream
  2. The One-Year Goals
  3. Crush Your Year a Day at a Time
  4. Power Habits of the Ultra-Successful
  5. The Secret of The Ultra-Successful


(8) Debriefs

  1. Behind the scenes of EntreMD Live—How to Fill an Event

Your Investment



What Others Are Saying

Testimonials from EntreMD students:

Dr. Violina B.

I had a vision, but no plan. Having a plan helps me stay on track. The things that seemed like a dream now appear achievable!

Dr. Melissa C. 

This has given me so much clarity and a roadmap of how to structure my time for the upcoming year to meet my goals. 

Dr. Degha F.

It’s absolutely worth it. A game changer! I was worried about the future but now having a plan for each area of life creates balance for the year ahead. 

Dr. Jarita H.

I was unclear about 2021, but feel more confident now that I have a written plan and the daily action steps to be successful.

Dr. Mary R.

Attend now!  Taking the time will help you focus on one step at a time and to achieve goals over the long run.

Dr. Judit S.

Thank you Dr. Una! The information is life-changing and it provides a clear blueprint to follow to become successful!

Dr. Jenell J.

I was a bit overwhelmed and unsure about 2021. Now I am ready to tackle the year with a clear, concise game plan.

Dr. Caroline C.

Time management, goals and mindset are key. I wish I had something like this last year for 2020!

So ask yourself:

Where will you be one year, five years, even ten years, from today, if you FINALLY say "yes" to entrepreneurship?


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